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Genre: Drama / Historical / Military / Science Fiction (Age Rating 15+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: Vol #1-6: 100 Minutes, Vol #7: 75Minutes
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Geneon

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

Scheduled for routine military exercises, Kadomatsu and the crew of Japan's newest and most modern battlecruiser, Mirai, are ready to test out the ship's state-of-the-art AEGIS systems.

Volume #1

Instead, they find themselves transported back to June 4th, 1942 - the date of the crucial Battle of Midway, where the Japanese fleet was dealt a crippling blow. But when an overzealous Kadomatsu rescues one of the battle's victims, Kusaka, from a sinking Zero Fighter, the Mirai's fate is sealed. They are forced to fight a U.S. submarine in a battle that should never have occurred, and the crew pledges not to do anything to alter history further. But the flow of history may already be diverted...

Volume #2

Once Kusaka learns that the Mirai is a warship from the future, he attempts to prevent a fatal misunderstanding between the soldiers and crews of two times. However, nothing can prevent the first 21st century casualty of World War II. As Kusaka's knowledge of the future grows, the Mirai's Executive Officer wonders if Kusaka will avoid using that knowledge to change the past. A risky plan to restock and refuel unfolds, sending Kadomatsu and the ship to Japan-colonized Singapore. However, history has a dangerous surprise in store when Kadomatsu and Kusaka meet someone who should not exist there - proving the Mirai's presence may already be damaging the timeline.

Volume #3

As the crew of Mirai accepts their indefinite existence in the wartime past of Japan, their attention turns toward using their powers of knowledge and technology for good. The goal of Mirai: to rescue the people of the 20th century without the use of weapons. Thus begins the delicate balance of loyalty to Japan's cause, and neutrality with its opposing nations. As the true intentions of key players are revealed, the crew of Mirai is forced to relinquish their stance of cautious neutrality and take action that would both compromise their loyalty to their country and alter the course of history. Practice battle drills transform into real-life combat as the true enemy of the Mirai becomes increasingly unclear.

Volume #4

The days of Mirai as a neutral rescue ship are over; battleship Mirai has emerged! Forced into battle with its own countrymen, the peacekeeping effort appears doomed. Escalating tension evermore, Commander Kadomatsu is blindsided as the loyal-but-suspicious Lt. Kusaka finally reveals his true motives. When the rescue crew deployed at G Island comes face-to-face with the bloodiness of war, the aftermath of battle permanently stains their memories. Wrestling with its identity, are they the peacemakers or simply someone's pawn?

Volume #5

The crew of the Mirai has been cordially invited by Gen. Yamamoto to take a much-needed rest at an imperial military base. In the course of the next days, plots, secret plans, and hidden agendas are revealed - all with the Mirai at the center of discussion. With its incredible capabilities and vision of the future, the Mirai is seen as both a threat and an asset. No longer a passive bystander of the war, the ship's every move sets off a chain reaction that ultimately will alter the course of history.

Volume #6

Forty US planes approach in formation; their mission: to sink the Mirai. Can a single ship, even with its advance weaponry stand a chance? The Mirai's objective has changed from saving the lives of fellow human beings to protecting the very lives of its own crew. With both enemies and Japanese imperial forces relentless in their pursuit of this mysterious ship, are their any true allies left?

Volume #7

With a reunited crew, Mirai finally arrives in 20th-century Yokosuka, receiving a mixed welcome. The crew is forced to keep its guard up against the many who desires its demise. Once in Yokosuka, Commanding Officer Kadomatsu embarks on a search for the key to his past and ends up on the ultimate crusade on behalf of the future of Japan. Can a revered former general of the imperial navy play the pivotal role in determining the future of Mirai? With enemies on all sides, the crew bunkers down for one final battle.

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