Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City Duels Series

Genre: Adventure / Young Adult (Age Rating 7+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: 60 Minutes Per Volume
Language: English Dubbed
Release: Funimation

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

Note: Currently Yu-Gi-Oh is available ONLY in the TV Edited Version.

It's a blast from the past when Bandit Keith returns from exile and steals Yugi's Millennium Puzzle!

Volume #17: The Mystery Duelist

If Yugi wants it back, he must duel Bandit Keith all by himself! Can Yugi survive without the help of his friends or the spirit living inside the Millennium Puzzle?  Bandit Keith decimates Yugi's monsters with new and powerful ultra rare cards! Has Bandit Keith increased his dueling skills exponentially, or is he under the spell of a much more powerful villain? Either way, if Bandit Keith defeats Yugi, the mental bond between Yugi and the spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle will be severed forever!  The origin of Duel Monsters is revealed! With the magic of the Millennium Necklace, Egyptian game historian Ishizu Ishtar reveals that thousands of years ago, a trio of legendary monsters named Obelisk The Tormentor, Slifer The Sky Dragon, and The Winged Dragon of Ra, brought Earth to the brink of extinction! In present times, the sinister Marik and his Rare Hunters, a shadowy sect more powerful than Pegasus, are gathering these monsters to conquer Earth! Can Yugi and Kaiba stop this new menace before the world plunges into anarchy?

Volume #18: Obelisk The Tormentor

To face the future, Yugi must first look into his past! As Yugi begins to uncover the layers of mystery surrounding the Millennium Puzzle, Ishizu foretells that winning Kaiba's Battle City tournament may hold the answers to the numerous questions about his destiny. Meanwhile, Kaiba unleashes the ultimate power hidden within the legendary Obelisk The Tormentor and tests its strength against the combined might of three Blue-Eyes White Dragons!  It's time to master new rules, cards and monsters! It's time for Battle City! Yugi vows to defeat Rare Hunter to win back Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon, but Yugi is falling into the same traps that vanquished Joey! Not only will Yugi be eliminated from the tournament, but he'll also forfeit any opportunity of learning about his past!  In Yugi's first duel of the tournament, he battles the Rare Hunter vowing to win back Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon. But with a deck full of Exodia cards, this Rare Hunter seems undefeatable. Will Yugi fall into the same trap as Joey and lose his Dark Magician to this Rare Hunter?

Volume #19: The ESP Duelist

Yugi figures out that Rare Hunter is aiming to summon the almighty Exodia, but it's too late to stop him! Rare Hunter already has four pieces of Exodia in his hand, and the fifth and final piece is on top of his deck! It's impossible for Yugi to win in less than one turn!

Volume #20: The Masters of Magicians

The magician Rare Hunter Arkana transports Yugi to the world's most lethal dueling arena! The loser will be sawed in half, and it's not a magic trick! Yugi must win unless he wants to become half the man he used to be!

Volume #21: Mime Control

Strings summons one of the most powerful creatures in the history of Duel Monsters... the Egyptian God Monster Slifer The Sky Dragon! What chance does Yugi’s band of mortal monsters have against an Egyptian God?

Volume #22: Double Duel

Abductions abound! Marik, with the help of Bakura, kidnaps Joey and Tea! To make matters worse, the Rare Hunters also kidnap Mokuba to force Yugi and Kaiba to take on tag team duelists Umbra and Lumis on top of a skyscraper! The losers will be sent plummeting into the Shadow Realm!

Volume #23: Friends Til The End

Though Joey decimates Yugi's life points, Yugi can't bring himself to attack his dear friend! Yugi summons Joey's favorite monster Red-Eyes Black Dragon to try to bring Joey back to his senses. Will seeing his favorite card help Joey break Marik's spell, or is Yugi's last ditch effort a lost cause?

Volume #24: The Dark Spirit Revealed

It's the game of love as Hollywood heartthrob Jean-Claude Magnum challenges Mai to a duel in order to win her hand in marriage! Will Mai succumb to Jean-Claude's charm, not to mention his cadre of ninja monsters, or will she send him packing back to Tinseltown?

Volume #25: Awakening the Evil

In the second duel of the Battle City finals, Odion, disguised as Marik, befuddles Joey with numerous traps to bring the duel to a stalemate. However, Joey has GIANT TRUNADE, the perfect counter to Odion’s strategy that guarantees Joey victory... or is Joey falling into another trap?

Volume #26: Mind Game

Odion summons the third Egyptian God Monster, THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA, targeted to annihilate the rest of Joey’s Life Points! However, is Odion able to control the ultimate power of an Egyptian God, or will THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA punish all those unworthy of summoning it?

Volume #27: Showdown in the Shadows

Ishizu, using the magic of her Millennium Necklace, has already seen the outcome of the duel – she will defeat Kaiba with Sacrifice’s Blast! How can Kaiba win when it’s already destined that he will lose? It’s time for Kaiba to change the future!

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