Super Duper Sumos

Genre: Adventure / Young Adult
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: Vol #1-2: 115 Minutes, Vol #3-6: 95 Minutes
Language: English Dubbed
Release: ADV Films

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

Mamoo, Boomer and Kimo are three eighteen year-old, thousand-pound sumo wrestlers, dressed according to custom in super-hefty-size sumo thongs. 

Volume #1: They've Got Guts (Eps #1-5)

In addition to their bulk, they pack ancient sumo powers, which makes the modern world a bit confusing for them. Regardless, when evil threatens, the three flex themselves into a dramatic physical transformation, doubling their size and strength. (If only their heads grew, too!)

Volume #2: Absolutely Flabulous (Eps #6-10)

The Super Duper Sumos—Booma, Kimo, and Mooma—are back to stop Ms. Mister and her Bad Inc. monsters from destroying Generic City. Cousin Prima lends a helping hand and offers timely suggestions. Just don’t call her "kiddo," and watch out when she operates construction machinery! And times are tough. Construction crews attempt to tear down the sumos’ apartment and build a new headquarters for Bad Inc. Pleasure cruise ships disappear around the world, and the sumos and Prima resort to a bathysphere dive, snorkeling, and more to unravel the mystery. A glass figurine sculpted in the image of Prima leads the sumos to Dr. Stinger’s laboratory and inadvertently inspires the mad scientist to create a monster. A relaxing camping trip proves too close to nature when toxic waste from a Bad Inc. plant changes peaceable creatures into monsters. Then a killer dust ball throws lint into the sumos’ search for their stolen yaks. What’s a sumo to do?

Volume #3: Deep Sushi (Esp #11-14)

The Super Duper Sumos have more adventures! When Ms. Mister tells Dr. Stinger that she will only kiss him when the world freezes over, Dr. Stinger sets about fulfilling her request-and it's one butt-chilling adventure for Booma, Kimo, and Mooma. Taking a job to protect student Herman Semper, the sumos go undercover at Generic City High and uncover a secret Bad Inc. plot to substitute robots for teachers. Honorable Thunderball! Kimo guides his actions based on honor, and the occasional premonition of the future. But honor is a tricky thing when Booma wants Kimo to use his premonitions to win a car contest. All Kimo foresees, however, is imminent danger from Dr. Stinger's latest creation, a giant tadpole! Then Kimo finds himself having to choose between helping Booma and Mamoo fight a giant ink-spewing octopus and honoring Genghis Fangus, who is masquerading as Kimo's long lost father. Soy nuts!

Volume #4: Way of the Phat (Esp #15-18)

Using the "Stare of Truth," Mamoo ferrets out the facts. And the situation is truly dire for the Super Duper Sumos! Ms. Mister conspires to give Generic City a hot foot with a giant magnifying glass, mutant vines, ferocious kamikaze pygmies from Wisconsin, and Dr. Stinger's ultimate weapon: Limburger cheese. Then a Bad Inc. cooking show rigged to favor the evil Iron Man Chef causes restaurants around the world to close. A special order of "No Lie" Pie may be the only way to reveal the truth. And you'll think twice about fast food when Dr. Stinger transforms Genghis Fangus' takeout order of Dim Sum into giant dumpling and hot sauce monsters that put the bite on Generic City! And not all golden muwashis glitter. Kimo finds himself elevated to Grand Champion, but prohibited from fighting alongside Mamoo and Booma. As a giant blob of hair gel terrorizes the city, Kimo must decide: sumo law or sumo friends?

Volume #5: Sumo Squeezo (Esp #19-22)

Gluteus Maximus! Booma loves peace and avoids trouble by sitting things out, but the other Super Duper Sumos need Booma and his butt to save Generic City from Bad Inc. Ms. Mister has set her sights on canceling Christmas, and if the sumos fail to stop killer nutcrackers and monster Christmas trees, Santa may put everyone on the naughty list forever!  Then Booma, Mamoo, and Kimo take a crash course in fashion to foil the latest Bad Inc. monster: a super hip robot that is so bad, he's cool. And if that robot won't succeed, they'll try, try again, replacing Kimo with a sumo robot that has a crush on a toaster! Worse, Booma and Mamoo barely notice!  Golf provides no relief; Kimo has his tee time canceled when Bad Inc. creates an army of mindless adolescent zombies. A long-lost golf pro and a game of "Whack-A-Sumo" make this golf game one to remember!

Volume #6: Big Bottom Bros (Esp #23-26)

The Super Duper Sumos keep rocking the world. A clothing manufacturer turns Booma into an underwear supermodel! Unfortunately, vanity keeps Booma at home while the monster Spanky pounds Mamoo and Kimo. Ouch! And breaking a promise to Wisdom San, the sumos enter the Generic City Derby. When Ms. Mister enters Timmy, the Trojan Horse, in the same race, the result is a photo finish you don't want to miss.  Then, when fighting a giant caterpillar, the sumos meet an unexpected ally: Shemo, their long-lost sister! Shemo is so good at crime fighting, however, that the sumos feel useless. But Bad Inc. captures Shemo, and the sumos have to overcome self-doubt and a mechanical shark to save the day!

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