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Hentai Heaven Collections

Genre: Adult Hentai / Erotic Fantasy
Format: DVD (Region 1) or BLURAY (Region A)
Length: Vol. 1: 88 Min, Vol. 2: 47 Min, Vol. 3: 126 Min,
Vol. 3.5: 38 Min, Vol. 4: 54 Min, Vol. 5: 70 Min, Vol. 6: 74 Min.
Vol. 7: 80 Min, Vol. 8: 50 Min, Vol. 9: 50 Min

Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Kitty Media

Availability : Stocking Item - Usually Ships Within 24-48 Hours Unless Backordered

Note: This Anime Contains Graphic Sex, Graphic Violence, and Adult Situations.

Hentai Heavan Collection 1 contains Vampire Vixen and Fuzzy Lips.

Vampire Vixen: which is based on Doumouís popular hentai manga Itadaki! Seieki!, tells the story of a male student named Kanzaki who receives an anonymous love letter from a secret admirer who wants to hook up with him. He's not sure what to expect on his first rendezvous but he would have never guessed to be greeted with a swift kick to the face! Meet Mari Setagoya, a sexy, confused and ravenously hungry succubus/vampire hybrid. After sucking some of his blood, Mari confesses to Kanzaki that she never truly acquired a taste for the red stuff. Since she is required to feed on bodily fluids for sustenance, they mutually agree on an alternative substance that Kanzaki is more than willing to supply!
Vampire Vixen consists of a single 2-part episode- Dinner For A Vampire and Full-Course Dinner For a Vampire, followed by a bonus mini-episode, Sweets For A Vampire!

Fuzzy Lips: is based on the adult manga by INU and follows a young female student named Katakura Kon who enters into a forbidden, hyper-sexual relationship with her homeroom teacher, Mr. Kurosawa. Soon, Kon rarely attends classes and moves in with the teacher who tries to keep the arrangement a secret. Since neither is willing to verbally express their true feelings to each other, their frustration heightens and they resort to more and more intensive carnal explorations!

Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 1-8 BLURAY Bundle (Adult)
KVBD-1708(1-8 BUNDLE) $269.84RACS Price $128.00Quantity:

Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 1 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Vampire Vixen & Fuzzy Lips!)

KVBD-1708 $29.98RACS Price $15.50Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 2 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Sexual Sacrifice & Too Hot For Teacher!)

KVBD-1803 $29.98RACS Price $15.50Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 3 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Double Duty Nurses & Paid & Laid!)

KVBD-1805 $39.99RACS Price $21.00Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 4 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Dishonor Student, Green Eyes, & Invasion of the Ballbusters!)

KVBD-1808 $29.99RACS Price $15.50Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 5 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Jewelry, Milf Park, Demoness of Dreams, Harem of the Hellspawn, and The Lusty Ladies of Mayohiga!)

KVBD-1813 $34.99RACS Price $18.50Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 6 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Erotic Encounter of the Alien Kind, Raunchy Role Play, and Foxy Lady)

KVBD-1901 $34.99RACS Price $18.50Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 7 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Erotic Encounter of the Panty-Monium, Nasty Thoughts, Dirty Deeds, and Cat Play Punishment)

KVBD-1905 $39.99RACS Price $21.00Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 8 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Sinful Sis and Milf Assault Mode)

KVBD-1908 $29.98RACS Price $15.50Quantity:
Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 9 BLURAY (Adult)
(Contains Tramp Stamp and She's a Pervert and She's All Mine Parts 1 & 2)

KVBD-1913 $29.98RACS Price $20.87Quantity:

Click to enlargeHentai Heaven Collection 3.5 DVD (Adult)
(Contains Green Eyes & Invasion of the Ballbusters!)

KVDVD-1807 $29.99RACS Price $20.87Quantity:

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