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Cool Devices

Genre:Adult Hentai / Fantasy
DVD (Region 1)
Vol #1: 77 Minutes, Vol #2-4: 70 Minutes
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Critical Mass / Nutech

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

Note: This Anime Contains Graphic Sex, Nudity, Violence, and Adult Situations.

COOL DEVICES, a series that redefined adult anime in the US and became one of the best selling hentai titles ever, has returned in a new digitally remastered edition and, for the very first time, this hentai masterpiece is FINALLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH!

Volume #1: Operations #1-3

A world of forbidden pleasure tightly bound together inside five erotic tales of lust and desire. An innocent young woman gives into her darkest desires as she is seduced into the world of bondage and S&M... A voyeuristic young man longs for the sweet caress of his beautiful sister who masturbates before his hidden cameras... A very naughty kitty and one very slutty bunny are about to be punished for their forbidden passions... Slicing up a new swimsuit leads to a steamy time at the local pool... Over-studying leads to a serious need for some sexual relief in the school’s bathroom...

Contains Operations 1-3: Curious Fruit / Sacred Girl / Lover Doll - Winter Swimsuit - Enema

Volume #2: Operations #4-6

KIREI: On a sleepy little island best friends Kirei and Rui are enjoying the sunshine, but their outrageous curves and scantily clad bodies have attracted the attention of a vicious gang of rapists. Now, captive to the gang's every lustful desire, the two friends are about to discover just how hot the tropics can be...

SEEK I & II: S&M Queen Saki loves nothing better than breaking in innocent women for her bondage master's pleasure. Saki's latest target? A quiet and sexually inexperienced young lady named Marino Ohkura. Saki and her master will drag the unwilling Marino into the world of S&M through intensive training in obedience and erotic techniques. Meanwhile, Saki secretly pines for the exquisite torture she endured at her old master's hands. Will anyone ever be able to satisfy her as he did?

Contains: Operation 04: Kirei Operation 05: Seek I - Slave Girl Marino Operation 06: Seek II - S&M Queen Saki

Volume #3: Operations #7-9

YELLOW STAR: The notorious episode returns! The beautiful Ayana just isn’t ready for sex. She keeps begging her boyfriend to wait just a bit longer. But when her mom marries Mr. Fujisawa, Ayana isn’t going to have much of a choice anymore. A famous (but also very corrupt) detective, Mr. Fujisawa has recently acquired a potent new date-rape drug known as Yellow Star – a drug he plans to use over and over on his beautiful new step-daughter...

SLAVE WARRIOR MAYA PART 1 & 2: Maya was a normal girl, until the day she was sucked into another world and sold as a sex slave! Tortured and degraded, Maya’s only wish is to be able to return home. But destiny has more in store for her – she might be the only one who can destroy the evil Zotos!

Volume #4: Operations #10-12

BINDING: Masaki is just an average journalist hoping to find a story. But the only thing he finds is himself, robbed by a thief! Stranded, without his train ticket, things are starting to look bleak, that is... until he runs into Miyuki, the girl of his dreams... literally! Miyuki puts him up for the night at a gorgeous mansion filled with nothing but sexy women! A luscious red-headed maid, a playful blonde school-girl, and a saucy dominatrix... just a sample of the sensuous story that awaits him...

FALLEN ANGEL RINA: Idol-singer Rina’s career is starting to look very promising, but when she hears of her father owes a large amount of money to the mob, she agrees to sign her record contract over to them to pay off the debt. Little does Rina know that she’ll be signing her life and body over to them as well! At the complete mercy of her new owners, she begins to undergo a drastic change in image... from being an untouchable idol to a sleazy sex toy...

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