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Our Commitment To You / Comments from Customers

With the huge number of on-line retailers available, we want your shopping experience here at the Anime Corner Store to be special, and we want you to receive the best service that we can give!

Anime Corner / Yahoo! Shopping Partnership

The Anime Corner Store participates in the Yahoo Shopping internet merchant partner program, and as such we are subject to Yahoo's rigorous requirements to remain a Yahoo Shopping partner. Yahoo has awarded us with the coveted 5 Star 'Top Service' rating , which is only awarded to those Merchants who achieve a minimum 97% customer satisfaction rating. The 'Top Service' icon will now appear beside all of our anime listings that appear in the Yahoo Shopping system.

Here at the Anime Corner Store we are proud to be a top rated Yahoo Shopping partner.
We are dedicated to providing you with the best Anime Shopping experience possible.

Before opening the Anime Corner Store in 1999, we personally shopped at many other on-line anime and general retailers, and looked very closely at what they did right, and what they did wrong. We used these experiences to shape our vision of what an on-line shopping experience should be, and from this, we have created a customer bill of rights:

The Anime Corner Store Customer Bill of Rights

  • When buying anime, you deserve great prices and excellent selection. We carry one of the largest Anime inventories on-line, and we stock it all right here at our fulfillment center in Winchester, VA. We NEVER use third party drop shippers to fill your orders like other stores.

  • When buying anime, you deserve to be confident that when you place an order from an on-line store your payment and personal information will be treated with respect, will be completely secure, and will not be sold or traded to outside parties. This is one of our highest priorities.

  • When buying anime, you deserve excellent communication from us, including prompt notification of receipt of your order, product shipments, backorders, and answers to your questions. We are proud that over 90% of e-mails inquiries are answered by the next business day, but what's even better, is that most e-mails sent during business hours are answered within a few hours, sometimes within a few minutes!

  • When buying anime, you deserve an avenue of feedback so that you can make the merchant aware of your level of satisfaction with the transaction and help a merchant improve their level of service. We provide this through our feedback form, and we have regular in-house meetings to review your feedback.

  • When buying anime, you deserve fast shipping, accomplished by the merchant actually STOCKING the items that are offered for sale, and using a fast, reliable, and economical method of shipping. This is also why we give you the option of either Priority Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx Air & Ground services. We also stock all of the products that are listed in the Anime Corner Store, and our customers enjoy a 97% order fill rate, which means that 97% of all orders ship complete by the next business day. Our goal is 100%!

  • When buying anime, you deserve products from a store who's owners and employee's personally enjoy the products that they are offering for sale and know what they are putting in the box... In other words, an Anime Retailer should be run by fellow Otaku's who appreciate the art and the customer! We are the one Anime store that is actually run by fans for fans!

Anime Corner Store Customer Comments

It is with these and other ideas in mind that we have created the Anime Corner Store, but don't take our word for it, here are feedback comments from some Anime Corner Store customers:

Adam from Calgary Canada:
I just wanted to say thanks! I recieved my "Fate/Stay Night: Saber Hyper Fate Collection 1/8 Scale PVC Figure" in the mail today and it arrived in flawless condition. RAC's staff does a fantastic job on all of its shipping packaging and making sure items are safely secured and ready for long trips in the postal system.

I import about 70% of my anime goods from the US, and I generally have to cross my fingers that my items dont arrive in the mail severly damaged. It is rare that this happens, however. I won a 6 DVD anime set off of EBAY a few months back, I kid you not... the seller shipped my boxset in a plastic freaking bag. The same type of plastic freaking bag that you would get at say a local grocery store, needless to say I was less than impressed, evenmore so because I paid extra for shipping charges on the item. No foam, no box, no nothing, I didnt even get tape because the shipping stickers were used to keep the plastic bag secured around the box set. Ugh...

The level of care and consideration taken to make sure packages are shipped properly is impeccable, I only wish more people\companies would take more pride with how they package things the way RAC does.

Clovis from Ohio:
I first discovered the Anime Corner Store while trying to find a place carrying the latter volumes of Trigun on VHS using a price comparing site. During that search I discovered "Robert's Anime Corner Store", a place with wonderous prices that seemed far too good to be true. I wasn't expecting bootlegs, I was expecting the place to be a total scam and not sell me anything at all. However, the price comparing site claimed they only listed real stores so I went ahead and made the order despite my extreme reservations. Lo and Behold the prices that were seemingly too good to be true, what almost anywhere else would mean bootlegging was going on, was on this single and solitary spot upon the internet the honest to goodness reality. Not only that, my order actually shipped in a timely manner.

Since then the RACS has become not only one of the best choices for purchasing anime, but the ONLY choice for purchasing anime. Everything for sale is in stock and ready to ship, no more playing the mystery 1-2 weeks before item ships at all waiting game. Furthermore, the shipping itself almost always gets there at speeds that must be experienced to be believed (more on that later). Every price you'll find is the best price possible (unless you want to become a slave to release schedules and buy everything the first week it hits a store, and heaven's help you if you have to actually return the DVD to that store due to a defect). The package that the DVDs are sent in is always done with care, and dare I say it: Love (most other places you'll be doing good if you get the product shipped with the extremely questionable 'air bladder' as opposed to any padding at all). And on the rare chance that something does go wrong with all that, most often the president himself handles all complaints about DVD issues (and he's more than happy to replace a faulty product). Think about that, you talk with Robert himself. If you get a bad DVD from anywhere else you're going to be connected with a drone of an Employee who no matter what is going to give you a royal run around (and only if you're lucky will you get a replacement, but not after first jumping through more hoops than a Circus Lion on a busy day). Heaven's help you if it's a manufacturing defect on an entire batch if you deal with anyone other than Robert.

Furthermore, Robert is willing to take the time to answer questions that he isn't even obligated to in the name of his quality of sales. When I bought CPM's boxset of Slayers Season 1 when it was marked down, I noticed that one of the episodes had all the audio off synch in the English Dub. I sent their customer service e-mail address a question about this asking if this was normal, or just my Disc. What I got back was horrifying, a message saying they no longer answered the customer service e-mail address. I then asked Robert about this who immediately informed be that the DVDs had always been this way, and he wouldn't be surprised if CPM wasn't around for much longer (this lead to me buying up everything I could assuming they would die soon... amazingly enough they haven't died yet, not even God knows why). But it should be no surprise that he's so helpful to questions like this since he writes the RACS newsletter every week which for me, and many of the rest of us, is an integral piece of anime info.

But what really amazed me, and prompted me to write this, was my most recent order. Placing it Thursday night just before the time period before the April Fool's special ended, I ordered the World of Narue Boxset and Animation Runner Kuromi volume 1 (I had been putting off buying it until I could be absolutely sure the highly defunct CPM would actually get volume 1 out). I got both together for under 40 dollars, a price that could not be found anywhere else, and with the coupon I got free super saving shipping. With Super Save Shipping I thought I would be waiting (but hey, it was free shipping and I couldn't pass that up). Yet Lo and Behold, it shipped on Friday and arrived on Monday (all that and it was even a holiday weekend). As always, everything arrived in mint condition cushioned by a sea of packing peanuts. This is why I shop here, and only here.

How could there be any other choice?

Jack from Colorado:
I have sold my soul to Noemi and she commanded me to buy.... Robert's earned my business with my first order approximately a year and a half/two years ago. Since then, I have determined that this is the only retailer that I will buy anime and anime related goods from. I have long since sold my soul to Noemi and her slave (Robert) for my anime supply needs. Excellent customer service, people who know what they are talking about when talking anime, and more on hand anime goods than you can find anywhere else.'

[She has us ALL Jack!]

Bill from Pennsylvania:
I have been an RACS customer since 2002, and I have always been pleased (astonished?!) with the selection, service, and price! I have checked out some other places, but no one comes close to Robert's Anime Corner Store. Unfortunately for me, I got two gift cards to Best Buy this past Christmas and another for my birthday, both from my brother. I have been over to Best Buy every week, hoping to find something in anime I need. Guess what? I've had no luck at all - I finally gave up and bought the Star Trek original crew movies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy with those cards! Enough of this - I have already told my brother to think RACS next Christmas! You guys are the greatest, keep up the outstanding work! Thanks, Bill (Emperor Muchobute).'

Bret from Montana:
Robert's Anime Corner Store has a very wide selection of anime-related products on their extensive web site. The transaction was pain-less from ordering through delivery - very efficient. In fact, the item i purchased was out of stock at many anime web-sites... so if you are looking for hard-to find items be sure to check them out. Price is about average for anime items. Which is nice since Robert's Anime Corner Store routinely buys full-page ads in the Anime Magazine NewTypeUSA. By supporting NewType, RACS helps anime fans stay up to date in their obsession. This is a premium be cause I am sure the large custom anime ads are very pricey... which must increase their overhead... But if it comes down to price, and two providers are tied, I always error on the side of the company that gives back to the community that supports it. Thanks RACS! I did not require customer service. No red flags here.'

Mohammad from California
This is the second time I order from RACS. Once again delivery was fast and my ordered item was packed safely in the box. Though there are many online stores where one can purchase their anime/manga wants from, I will continue to purchase my anime from RACS. Why? Because the feeling of trust and efficiency one gets from RACS surpasses that of any other store. I sincerely believe that a buyer-seller relationship is one that will continue and evolve as long as the seller provides the services the buyer expects and pays for. Now having acquired the services of RACS for my anime wants, I will continue to further this relationship.

Barry from Australia:
Robert's Anime Corner Delivers Anime Courageously. Delivers with style. Actions speak louder than words. RAC keeps on delivering the goods you expect when you expect and how you expect. Attention to detail is what makes the difference. They care. It shows. It does matter.

Steven from South Carolina:
Thanks Guys!! In depth and knowledgeful; the team at Robert's Anime Corner Store are very helpful and expedient. I really appreciate that I didn't have to wait too long to get my purchases and the prices are affordable; and, although I didn't have many questions because their site is set up very well with search engine and categorized merchandise, they still put up with all of my dumb questions and offered great explanations for all of them.. Definitely a good professional group and a great shop. A must for all anime and manga fans. Thanks!

Herb from New Jersey:
Robert's Anime Corner is *the* place to shop! This is the shop that has something for all anime fans: current favorites, new releases, and many classics that are still in print! Everything is priced as low as can be, your order is shipped to you promptly, and customer service is excellent, too! Robert's Anime Corner really is the BEST! :)

Tina from Ohio:
I really Endorse this store. It has so many different animes and the real items, not ones that are copies. I have shopped here many times, and I will continue to do so. Love your store and hope you never change. Thank you!

David from Great Britain:
All my items ordered arrived within 3 days of ordering them, with receipts and so much safety packaging my parcel literally burst open once I cut the tapes. All in all another Excellent order completed by the true masters of online anime stores - Robert's Anime Corner Store :)

Michael from Ontario Canada:
Everything about Robert's Anime Corner Store is amazing. The price is always excellent and the service is wonderful. For someone in Canada, its one of my best options for getting my anime. I would like to thank Robert and his staff for offering such a great site for all otakus.

Carl from Massachusetts
I am a, seven time, repeat customer of Robert's Anime Corner Store. The web site has always been easy to use and bug free. Never had a problem placing an order and I have never received damaged or poorly packaged goods. Delivery of my purchases have always been within a few days of ordering even with my last purchase which was a pre-order, that must have arrived two weeks early!

Richard from Georgia:
Robert's Anime Corner Store has the best customer service of any site or direct seller around. Interested in knowing if they'll be carrying an upcoming anime figure? Just ask! Want to know more details about extras on a disc? Ask away! With excellent pricing, great packing, and a selection that is easily the best all-around, it makes the Anime Corner Store the top supplier of anime. No bootlegs and no problems! That's Robert's Anime Corner Store in five words.'

Raymond from Arizona:
Still the only place I get my anime for the last 4 years and running. Thank you!!!

Thomas from Maryland:
Just wow!!! This place is one of the best places to shop for one of the most rarest items that you are looking for and they are low prices. Not like those other anime stores where they have sky high prices for both the item and shipping. This is a one stop shop for all your anime needs.

Jacob from Indiana
Robert's is one of the greats out there. I find a few things particularly good:
1. For multi-item orders, being able to middle click the add to cart link into a new tab is great. I use this to complete collections of series.
2. Also the numerous coupons available for return customers willing to submit email is a kind gesture.
3. I can get many different shipping companies.
4. Titles are organized by SERIES, not just by season.
5. It's ALL about the selection! I cannot rate customer service as I have not had any problems such that I've had to contact them.
Con (sorta): It would be nice having a sign in option, but that's personal preference. No maintained database and C.C. info means much more security (it's pretty hard to hack something that doesn't have CC info saved like). But I am just lazy and after thinking about it, I'm much happier this way. Go Robert's!

Michael from Ohio:
Why oh why.... would you go anywhere else?.....

Karl from Wisconsin:
This was the second time I ordered from the Anime Corner Store, and was just as great as the first. The care taken when packing the items for shipping is better, by far, than any other online store I've used. The best feature of your store is your intelligent and easy to navigate site layout.

Homer from California:
When I first saw Roberts Anime Corner Stores advertisement in Newtype USAs magazine, I decided to check it out. And after the home page loaded up, I was blown away at how awesome the site looked. Everything was just so visually stunning, that all that I could do was just check it out to see what more it had to offer. After being amazed by the amazing homepage, I started clicking around on the site. I went to the page that was dedicated to Full Metal Panic and I was very impressed. The creators put a lot of effort into the site, and into each and every page.

So then I decided that I would order the first volume of Full Metal Panic from them, and see just how the shipping and ordering was. And just like everything else on the site, I was truly blown away. Everything was just very easy. It moved like clock work. All the information that I need to enter in, was asked for in a very simple prompt. Nothing that I had to really guess about. Everything was just perfect. And then after submitting the information, and the information being processed, they kept me informed. On one of the info prompts, it asked for my email address so that they could send an confirmation email to let me know that they item was ordered. Then later, they also sent a message telling me that the item had been shipped. I had to wait no longer then like two days, and then I received the merchandise. It was in great condition, the little anime character that they had on the shipping tag was cute. Everything was efficient. Since then, they have been my place to get all of my Full Metal Panic material, and anything else that I have the need to get.

In closing I just have to say that Roberts Anime Corner Store has lived up to the title of the best. And I would say to anybody that if you are looking for a place to get anime where the customer service reps are great, and you get a great vibe every time that you log on to it. Then look no further. This is your place.

Linda from Wisconsin:
I just can't say enough good things about the whole experience! The website is cool, ordering is easy and the merchandise is packed as if it were the crown jewels! I appreciate their integrity, confident that these are no bootleg copies ripping off the artists and producers. I like the full DVD bundles that are offered when ordering, when a box set is not part of the distributor's release. Robert's Anime Corner Store just makes an ancient otaku's heart sing!

Jenny from West Virginia
Robert's Anime Corner Store is great they carry every anime that a person could want. There prices are great I can buy 3x more movies from them than going out to a store and getting then, They are fast at shipping, keep you up an all the new stuff, run great specials, and I always love the very colorful adds in the Anime magazines, and there web page is always cheerful, and everything is super easy to find. Keep up all the great work.

[Thanks Jenny! We are very proud of our magazine ads. We never run the same ad in two different publications. Each one is an original art production, and we spend weeks at a time working on them, so we're always glad when people notice!]

Einar from Norway
I have fallen in love with Robert's Anime Corner Store, if it were socially excepted in Norway I would marry this store.

Zach from Virginia
I do a lot of online shopping and at the Anime Corner Store, not only do I get exactly what I want, fast delivery, best prices anywhere, but I also get the largest selection of anime stuff on the market. This "is" the anime superstore.

William from Arizona
I have ordered a lot of things from RACS in the past year. I have always received what I wanted in a timely matter. I have never received something that I did not order or want. I also enjoy the fact that I am buying from someone that knows what he is selling. Most people that I have ordered from in the past don't even know what anime or manga is. I have really enjoyed dealing with RACS.

Joy from Michigan
Their error messages (Incorrect address, miswritten credit card number, est..) weren't automated... a representative actually e-mailed me the problem. I found this great, because when I shop elsewhere and something goes wrong, all that happens is the website sends me back to the order page and tells me something's wrong.

[You bet Joy! No automated customer service here! At the Anime Corner, you'll always deal with a live, friendly person!]

Tony from Texas
A good place to shop! always speedy on delivery and such. Great job packaging which means the shipping people will handle the products with care. Good deals on anime and all kinds of products!!

Julia from Tennessee
This store is reliable and has quick response to questions and fast shipment! Definitely recommended.

Byron from California
Got a customer for life!!!

Mark from California
This is such an awesome store!! It has the best and latest anime and at great prices. They have great and super fast service. I will buy the rest of my anime from Robert's Anime Corner Store!! Thanks so much ^_^

Javier from California
I love the service that Robert's Anime Corner offers. The shipping is fast and safe. This is the best anime store ever. I haven't used more money in other online stores than this one. I recommend Robert's Anime Corner.

Todd from Texas
I ordered from two places on Christmas. One was this, the other was AnimeCastle. They had cheaper prices, usually around 20 cents per item. However, 2 dvd's and 2 graphic novels are backordered, and my order didn't arrive until the 7th of January! That's 13 days! I ordered one item from the Anime Corner Store, the Inu-Yasha Calendar. Not only did they have such a rare item in stock, it arrived before new years! From now on, I'll order all my anime from the Anime Corner Store.

[Thank you Todd for this great report! Some stores may advertise slightly lower prices, however, we spend your money keeping our items in stock. It's easy to sell at a lower price if you don't have any inventory. Proof positive that you get what you pay for!]

Florian from Germany
Great. The international order was packaged & shipped so fast. I love them. =)

Andrea from Ohio
Robert's Anime Corner Store is the best around. I am very, very satisfied.

John from Great Britain
This is the first order placed with Robert Anime, and I was very impressed with the E-Mails received at various times keeping me informed of the status of my order. Also the delivery of the order was as stated which I was surprised with given that it was close to the festive season. Thank you I will be using you again and have already told friends and family about you.

Edber from New York
Excellent, fast response, and delivery. And Oh my god I can't believe this guy's prices they are the lowest on most anime merchandise. Shipping charges are little high though, but that's cause it gets to you very fast!!

[Thanks Edber! We keep our shipping charges fair so that you can get your Anime as quickly as possible without overpaying for delivery!]

Joe from Texas
The service was great... I really felt like my business was important. I will definitely continue to recommend you guys to my friends!

Richard from Oregon
You guys are great!! I was happy to hear from you checking up on my address change to make sure it was really me placing the order & not someone else. Because of that I felt more secure with my order being handled by your staff. Also, I received the shipment very quickly. Thanks again!! :-)

[Thank you very much Richard! Our security features are setup to protect everyone from fraud! You orders are safe with us!]

Bonnie from California
Robert's Store is great! I've ordered several times and the speed of delivery is uncanny. Good selection, fast and friendly.

William from California
Very fast service and shipping. CDs arrived in excellent condition. So far, my on-line shopping experiences with Anime Corner were better than any other stores I dealt with. I highly recommend this site to all anime fans.

Antony from Great Britain
I live in the United Kingdom and I find the service excellent, friendly, and very efficient. My order reached me faster from Roberts Anime Corner in America than it would in my own country....!! Well pleased..!!

Elizabeth from Texas
They have such fast delivery standards. A very reliable, excellent vendor.

Brent from Wisconsin
Great communication, and even though I messed up my mailing address and it initially went the wrong way a quick email followed by a quick response resolved the problem and the items made to more quicker than I could have hoped. Will do many more transactions with Robert's Anime Thanks!

Scott from Virginia
Excellent! Superb! Flawless execution and delivery! Impeccable professionalism. A must shop with store. Highly recommended.

Sean from New Jersey
I ordered from two stores and I ordered from Roberts a week later and still got the order from there first I was very impressed!

Mikel from Spain
Best prices, really nice people willing to help you, Top service ... what else can I say? You don't know what you're missing if you've never tried the Anime Corner Store before. An excellent store for anime fans, and from my personal experience, the best so far. Hope to come back soon ^^

Susan from New York
I always get the products within the time period stated or even earlier. The prices are better than the stores around and every product I have ordered was already in stock and available. I am a very happy customer and always choose Robert's Anime Corner Store as my first choice to look for the Anime and Manga I desire!!! =D

Bernadette from Nevada
I was really satisfied by how fast my order shipped and got to me. I was pleasantly surprised by it's early arrival. Thanks so much for sending me my manga!

Tonya from Pennsylvania........
I love buying from Robert's Anime Corner Store! I can find what I want and they are always updating when they get new titles and other merchandise in. In my opinion, I think the prices are reasonable and fair. If you have any questions Robert always answers what he can. I've made Robert's Anime Corner Store my #1 place to get my anime. Thanks Bob!

[Thank you Tonya! This is why we carry one of the largest Anime Inventories anywhere!]

Robert from Alabama.......
Well PACKAGED shipping (always a plus!) Always has what I want... What more do you need? I love this place..:)

Mike from Ohio.......
Terrific customer service. I had my problem dealt with on the same day that I informed the store. Well worth checking out.

Blaire from Missouri.......
I was very impressed with the prices and the extremely fast shipping! I would definitely order from you again and I've told many people about your selection of DVDs and tapes :) thank you so much!!

Reins from the Netherlands.......
Great deal, super items, just A++++

Orell from Pennsylvania.......
Robert's Anime Corner Store is great. I received my order very quickly. Everything nicely packaged, I even received a e-mail from the owner telling me that my order was sent. Robert's Anime Corner Store is one of the best places to purchase anime.

Derrick from Great Britain.......
Good service, good prices and the goods were delivered within a week even though they were shipped from the USA to the UK. Overall I thought Robert's Anime Corner Store was excellent.

Joshua from Kentucky.......
I was getting disheartened about finding an affordable collection of the second Lodoss War series, and came across this store by accident. It's so awesome. Great selection and prices, and delivery faster than Orson goes berserk! Highly, highly, highly recommended!

Ryan from Michigan.......
I was quickly notified of the delays in shipping and even offered a discount for having to wait. Service was prompt as could be, as were responses to e-mail. I couldn't have asked for a better vendor.

Season from Nebraska.......
Fast service! I had a really great experience ordering from Robert's Anime Corner Store and I plan to order again soon.

Matthew from Great Britain.......
Very helpful, quick service and no problems at all. Animation cel was well-packed and was in perfect condition when I received it. Thanks a lot!

Barry from Minnesota.......
Best anime shopping ever!

Kathy from California.......
This is the absolute best anime store online that I have ever seen! Huge selection, reasonable prices, friendly and quick service! This is now my one-stop anime destination. Thank you very much!

Kimberly from California.......
Have had several dealings with Robert's Anime Corner Store. The service is always incredibly quick and communication is excellent. Definitely my best shopping location on the Internet! Thanks!

William from Arkansas.......
Since October of '99, Robert's Anime Corner has become my primary source of Anime. I have had 8 transactions totaling well over $1400. In all those transactions, only 1 item was ever back-ordered. Ever. It shipped within 2 weeks. Communication, service, shipping time, packaging, and shipping have always been excellent. I will happily continue to do business with Anime Corner.

Jason from Missouri.......
This store is terrific! Lowest prices I've found, super fast shipping and excellent customer service. I liked them so much I placed another order and intend to do so again.

Troy from Arizona.......
The emails were very courteous and informative. Products were shipped out right away, so I only had to wait a couple of days for my package. The tapes were great and had the best prices I've seen to date. I'm looking forward to my next order from here.

Shannon from Virginia.......
I received the tapes today! Everything went wonderfully! Robert's Anime Corner has had the best prices coupled with great service. This will definitely be my first stop when looking for Anime!

Ryan from Illinois.......
I've shopped around with a number of other sites such as Amazon and Anime Nation and compared prices. As far as Graphic Novels go, this is the place you want. Fast delivery too.

Eric from Minnesota.......
My order was received quickly and without problems. He has great prices and large inventory of Anime products. I will buy from him again.

Tyler from Virginia.......
Bob at Anime Corner Store is extremely professional. All products ordered were sent quickly, packed well, and tracked in the mail. He goes the extra mile to make sure everything is ok. Have a question? E-mail him. He will respond within a day. The website? It is easier, better looking, and more detailed than any other anime website I have visited. Plus new things are being added every day. I give the Anime Corner Store an A+++++

Jonathan from New York.......
Great shop to deal with!... ...Quick to ship and finish the order.. I'd love to shop here for all my anime needs.

Matthew from Washington.......
Quick response and fast delivery, was very impressed. Robert's Anime Corner Store makes online shopping the best it can be. Shipped and packaged with care, 5 star quality. Great selection and even better prices. Highly recommended for any anime shopper!

Thomas from Florida.......
Very pleased with the transaction. No real contact with anyone, all was done over the web. Great follow up by the vendor to let me know he had received my order and when they would ship. Arrived as scheduled or sooner. Looking forward to doing more business in the future.

Elise from Wisconsin.......
The turnaround time was amazing, and it's a real bonus to be able to pay with a credit card!

Eric from New Jersey.......
I have received my order & I'm very pleased. Delivery was prompt & complete (unlike my dealings with "TheWrongStuff"). I know we'll be doing business in the future & I'm definitely letting my Otaku friends know.

Robert from New York.......
I received my order yesterday and I just wanted you to know that I'm so happy with this service that I'm going to recommend it to all my friends.

Connie from Virginia.......
This is a fantastic site with great prices that rival those of even I am very impressed and hope to do business with you again!

Jon from Illinois.......
The day I ordered from you, I also ordered about a half dozen other titles from a half dozen other distributors. Yours was the first to arrive, and it didn't cost extra for fast shipping. I notice and appreciate things like  that... ...You can expect to be the FIRST place I'll look for future anime purchases.

Tae-Wook from Kansas.......
Well it looks like you've got one more very satisfied customer here. I never expected to receive the product this fast. I ordered last Friday, I think... and then you shipped it out extraordinarily fast (same day I gave you the order!) and arrived here very fast (Monday). Damn.. You guys rule.

Thank you very much for choosing the Anime Corner Store!

Enjoy your anime!

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