Cel Ordering FAQ

A few things you need to know....

A word about the Shopping Cart with regards to cel purchases.....

You know, when I was searching for an e-commerce solution for the AnimeCorner, I was surprised how difficult a good solution is to find. I wanted one of the most advanced solutions available, and I had all these requirements, one of which was that I wanted a shopping cart system that marked cels 'on hold' and rendered them 'unorderable' after they were placed in someone's shopping cart. This way, a cel would not be orderable if it was already sold......

As it turns out, this little requirement was to be a huge backend development task. This was mostly because it involved integrating my inventory software with my store software, which would have delayed deployment of the site for months. I also brought up other issues like browser compatibility, site stability, site performance, etc. etc........ blah blah blah.........

I had finally decided on using the very well respected e-commerce software by ViaWeb hosted on a robust and highly secure Yahoo e-commerce engine (bandwidth baby!), and I had to make the compromise of having to manually update the cel section when an item is ordered. A small price to pay......and to date, it has never been a problem.

I can assure you, however, that I will update the cel pages as soon as an item is ordered to ensure that cels that are on hold or sold are marked that way, and are not orderable. This will usually occur a few minutes after a cel is ordered. Of course, I cannot be in front of the computer 24 hours a day, so in the outside event that you were to order a cel that is already sold, I will let you know immediately that the cel is no longer available. Unlike other web stores, ITEMS at the AnimeCorner are NEVER CHARGED to your CREDIT CARD until they actually SHIP, so you don't have to worry about placing an order for something that is already sold!

IMPORTANT: Placing a cel in your shopping cart DOES NOT reserve that cel for you. To reserve a cel, you must complete your order, which means adding the cel to your shopping cart, and then checking out.

OK - On to Cel the FAQ.....

How do you know if your cels that are listed for sale are Authentic?
What currency are you cel prices listed in?
Do you offer discounts?
How are your cels sold?

Do you ever sell cels out of your personal collection?
Why do you sell cels?
Do you buy cels too?
How do I know what I'm getting?
What method do you use to ship cels?

Are the cels that are listed for sale Authentic?

Occasionally, some people inquire as to the authenticity of the cels that I have for sale, or in my personal collection. I've been collecting anime cels now for a number of years. I only purchase cels from reputable sources in Japan, or occasionally, from other reputable cel dealers or collectors. I would never purchase, much less offer for sale, any cel that I felt has questionable origins. Also, I only offer cels for sale from anime that I have personally seen and enjoy (unlike other dealers), so I have an intimate knowledge of the characters, and often can even pick out the seens that the cels are from. Unless otherwise noted (as in the case of 'official' reproduction cels), all cels for sale here are Authentic to the best of my knowledge, and, unless otherwise noted, are original production cels from the anime that they were used to create.

What currency are your cel prices listed in?

All cels are priced in U.S. Dollars. All payments must be made in U.S. Dollars, since it is much to expensive to convert other currencies.

Do you offer discounts?

It definitely depends on the cel, but sometimes - yes, I'm usually very flexible, because I understand that everyone doesn't have an unlimited budget for buying cels. If you see something you like, but the price seems too high, make me an offer. Lots of people do this, and sometimes we are able to work out a deal that satisfies both of us. If not, no hard feelings. I tend to be more flexible on larger orders (say, over $200), or if your buying several cels at the same time.

How are your cels sold?

All of my cels are sold on a first come, first served basis. I've always felt like lotteries or other methods of selling cels are very unfair - something along the lines of if a person camps out all night waiting for concert tickets, he should get good seats.....

Remember: Placing a cel in your shopping cart DOES NOT reserve that cel for you. To reserve a cel, you must complete your order, which means adding the cel(s) to your shopping cart, and then checking out.

Do you ever sell cels out of your personal collection?

Yes, from time to time. Usually to make room for newer, better cels that I have purchased.

Why do you sell cels? (Hey, that rhymes...)

I love anime, and as a result, I love cels. I enjoy being able to help fellow collectors get great cels, and I like having all these cels always coming and going. It's alot of fun. Remember that unlike some other 'cel only' dealers, the anime store section is only a portion of Robert's Anime Corner, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to develop and maintain the various sections of this site that I've setup to help other people enjoy anime as much as I do.

(Don't forget, I actually watch the anime that I offer cels from). Also, it's something that my wife Jamie and I can do together, and that's reason enough......

Do you buy cels also?

Yes, I also buy cels. If you have some cels to sell, just scan them edge to edge, and send them to me via e-mail. Generally, I don't buy individual cels, unless they are of very high quality. All cels must be in excellent condition.

I will buy entire collections!

How do I know what I'm getting?

Ever wonder why I always include a photo of every cel for sale on my site, and not just a scan? (How many other cels dealers do this?) We'll, I've bought many a cel online, only to find that the cel image was scanned larger than it really was, or the cel had folded corners, or other problems that were not readily apparent in the on-line listing. I wanted to make sure that when you buy a cel here, you know exactly what your going to get, so I scan the cel image side to side for it's actual size, and I take the extra time (it takes a lot of extra time) to include an actual digital photo of each cel. I also always try to note any relevant features of the cel in the listing description, such as stuck drawings, multi-layers, studio seals, etc. My store software has also allowed me to thumbnail cel categories, and post a 500 pixel sized image of every cel, which is large enough to reveal most any features (or flaws) in a particular cel. Since you can't actually touch a cel on the web, I want you to have as much information as possible. No questions, no problems.

And of course, if you have any questions, please e-mail me!

What method do you use to ship cels and other merchandise?

All cels and other anime items are shipped via the U.S. Postal Priority Mail service for domestic orders, and Postal Airmail service for International orders. Priority mail allows me to ship your items inexpensively anywhere in the U.S. for delivery in 2-3 days (includes APO/FPO addresses and territories like Guam and Puerto Rico, and for those of you stationed abroad with our Armed Services), and is a much better option than UPS, which can require up to 7 days for delivery to the same locations. All Priority Mail shipments are fully insured, and I always use delivery confirmation so that I am able to track delivery of your orders.

Thank You for Choosing the Anime Corner Store!

Enjoy your anime!

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