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Viewtiful Joe

Genre: Action / Comedy (Age Rating 13+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: Vol #1-8: 65 Minutes
Language: English Dubbed
Release: Geneon Entertainment

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Joe is just your average dude. He has two great loves:
his girlfriend Silvia and Captain Blue, the action-movie superhero. 

Volume #1

When Silvia is magically captured by a celluloid monster, Joe gets himself swallowed into the screen to save her. Joe meets Captain Blue just as the superhero is about to retire, exhausted from his lifelong battle against villains known as Jadows. With special superpowers bestowed by Captain Blue, Joe transforms into "Viewtiful Joe" to bash the enemies in the Movieland.

Volume #2

Joe is just your average dude. He has two great loves: his girlfriend Silvia and Captain Blue, the action-movie superhero. Now that Joe has totally awesome superpowers, he's ready to battle his way through Movieland to rescue Silvia. But first, he enters hamburger heaven to fight his own hunger. It's too bad Jadow wants to hit Joe where it hurts... Will the hungry hero overcome? And every hero has to have a trusty sidekick. Enter Captain Blue Jr.!

Volume #3

You can't get something for nothing. When children get free Slugoon toys with a mind control device inside, it spells trouble for our would-be heroes. To make matters worse, Junior takes the bait and starts attacking Joe! The fun has just begun when Joe and Junior run into Fire Leo. Joe has to figure out what Leo's weak point is before he gets burned like a bad burger! To make matters worse, Joe gets locked up for talking with a girl who turns out to be a princess on the run. With Joe behind bars, Junior has to rise to the occasion and protect the princess from party pooping police!

Volume #4

Gran Bruce, Hulk Davidson and Charles III develop an ultimate robot weapon called "Bruce Davidson III" to defeat Viewtiful Joe. Joe and Jr. have to find the robot's weak point before they are smashed to smithereens! Can you imagine living in a colorless town? Joe and Jr. decide to bring the colors back to town and challenge the enemy, Monochromataloids - vacuum machines that suck out all the colors! And lo and behold: Joe finally meets Silvia, but too bad for him that she's a fake who wants to take his V-Watch away! Joe ends up with fighting against his strongest opponent who looks like his girlfriend?! How much harder can a battle get?

Volume #5

Jefferson Buick, a man of mystery who holds the secret of Jadow, escapes. He encounters Joe and Junior who are lost in the mountain searching for a wild cheeseburger! Will Jefferson be able to reveal to Joe about the evil plans? Bad guys have report cards and cheatsheets too? No way! Silvia marrying Alastor?! Joe and Junior disguise as Bianky to check out the scene not knowing that it's a trap! Will Joe be able to save the bell and his new friend Mary and the resistance with his clumsiness?

Volume #6

A legendary flower called the "Fairy-Tale Flower" is a girl who protects the sapling of the flower from anyone who tries to snatch it. Joe camps in the field to witness the flower bloom, but ends up guarding it from Jadow instead. Captain Blue is also back to fight against an octopus monster! In fact, this is a set-up by Joe and his archrival Alastor in an effort to cheer up a sick boy. Can they carry out this mission without Jadow's interference? Viewtiful Joe eats Joe's cheeseburger in front of his very own eyes! Finally, weird events start to unravel after Joe accidentally washes his V-Watch with his T-shirt.

Volume #7

When Joe and Jr. are desperately seeking for a hamburger shop, they find a cell phone on the ground. They end up searching for its owner, a runaway girl, while chasing Gran Bruce who raids the hamburger truck! Being separated from Joe, Jr. has to fight against Jadow by himself. It is time for Jr. to prove that he is a hero candidate too. Meanwhile, Silvia is able to escape from her room when she is looking for a detergent. Biankies didn't even notice she was gone. Can she manage to get out of Jadow's HQ?

Volume #8

As Joe and Jr. get closer to Jadow's HQ, battle against Joe's team and Jadow become intense. Joe tries to rescue Silvia tied to the clock tower, but all of sudden, Alastor appears and starts attacking! And when Jr. is taken hostage from Jadow, he tells Joe to fight and jumps into the river. Thanks to Jr., Joe finally gets into Jadow's HQ where the Almighty Leader awaits. The final battle begins. What is Almighty Leader's real purpose? Can Joe save Silvia and the movieland?

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