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Hikaru No Go

Genre: Action (Age Rating 7+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: 100 Minutes Per Volume
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Viz

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

With a two-tone hairstyle and a streak of immaturity, Hikaru Shindo finds an old Go board with a hidden surprise - trapped within the Go Board is Fujiwara-no-Sai, the ghost of an ancient Go master!

Volume #1: The Go Master's Descent (Eps #1-4)

 In the blink of an eye, Sai becomes part of Hikaru's consciousness and soon begins to learn the true essence behind this ancient game of skill and strategy.

Volume #2: The Go Club's Strategem (Eps #5-8)

Spurred on by the arrogant Tetsuo and the nervous Kimihiro, Hikaru is pulled into the new and exciting world of Go Tournaments. The only problem is Hikaru isn't even old enough to play! As if the pressure of getting caught and playing in the tournament weren't bad enough, Akira Toya's got Hikaru on the run, eager to catch up and defeat this Go-playing upstart! Can Hikaru and his teammates win it all before their cover is blown?

Volume #3: No Cheating Allowed (Eps #9-12)

Now that Hikaru is full-fledged student at Haze Middle School, he's ready to join the Go Club and enter tournaments. Unfortunately, his team is one player short. Can he convince Yuki Mitani, a fellow classmate, to give up scamming players at the Go Salon and join the team?

Volume #4: No Cheating Allowed (Eps #13-16)

With another tournament between Haze and Kaio in the books, Hikaru continues to strengthen his game against his fellow teammates. But when Hikaru stumbles onto Internet Go, he gives Sai a whole new outlet for channeling his love for the game and a place to challenge Go Players from New York to the Netherlands!

Volume #5: A Rival in the Shadows (Eps #17-20)

With Hikaru's help, the ghost of Go master Sai has become the sensation of the Internet Go world. Players from all over the world are itching to know the identity of the player who never loses and displays an almost superhuman ability. But rival Akira sees the similarities in the mystery player's game to the one he played with Hikaru, and will stop at nothing to discover the true identity of "Sai"!

Volume #6: Among Champions (Eps #21-24)

Hikaru resolves to catch up to his rival, the Go prodigy Akira Toya. With that goal in mind, he decides to take the insei test, the first step toward turning pro. But that decision puts him at odds with his friends in the Go club, and he must choose between friendship and his Go ambitions.

Volume #7: The Young Lions Clu (Eps #25-28)

Hikaru is determined to play his rival Akira Toya again, and he might have a chance when Ogata 9-Dan invites Hikaru to the Young Lions Tournament. However, while trying to qualify for the competition, Hikaru suffers a losing streak. Can Sai help Hikaru rekindle his passion for the game? And why is Ogata 9-Dan so interested in Hikaru?

Volume #8: The Awful Opponent (Eps #29-32)

Hikaru is ready to qualify for the Pro Exam and take the next step to becoming a Go master. But can he handle the pressure of top competition and overcome his own inexperience? He's not the only one sweating - Ogata Sensei has his sights set on the coveted title of Hon'inbo, but the current title-holder, wily Kuwabara Sensei, won't give it up without a fight!

Volume #9: Only One Can Win (Eps #33-36)

Hikaru, Waya and Isumi visit some Go salons to test themselves against a variety of opponents, but the competitive passions they stir up may be more than they can handle. At a local festival, Akira faces his own challenge in the form of a cranky city councilman, who he must let win! But Akira's not ready to "lose" so easily...

Volume #10: The Pro Exam Begins (Eps #37-40)

Hikaru kicks off the pro test with six straight wins, but whether he can keep up his streak is the question when he faces his friends and fellow insei in head-to-head battles like none he's seen before! And one of the top contenders, Ochi, is getting some pointers from none other than Akira Toya, whose reasons for tutoring have little to do with Ochi and everything to do with Hikaru!

Volume #11: Hikaru vs. Ochi (Eps #41-45)

As the pro test reaches its climax, the weaker players are left behind and the battles between the top contenders begin. While Isumi struggles to recover from his losing streak, Waya faces pressure from his sensei to keep winning and make pro this year for sure. And Hikaru, who's distinguished himself as a player to beat, must face Ochi, who's already achieved his pro spot and is determined to defeat Hikaru no matter what!

Click to enlargeHikaru No Go, Vol #5, A Rival in the Shadows DVD

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