Genre: Science Fiction (Age Rating 13+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: Vol #1-2: 125 Minutes, Vol #3-6: 100 Minutes
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Geneon

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

In 2040, the continuous pollution and the
mysterious series of earthquakes left the city of Tokyo in ruins.

Volume #1: Tokyo 2040 (Eps #1-5)

A young man named Ken Ando is in training to become a member of DC, an army-like organization designed to investigate and protect the collapsing environment. Ken, with the support from his sick sister, Sayuri, gives his best to become a part of the elite group that the young longs for, but he receives the devastating news of being cut from the team because of his poor performances in the evaluation sessions. Then, an ominous monster suddenly appears from the sky with a blinding flash and starts mowing down DC's working robots with mysterious invisible forces. Ken, eager to show what he is truly made of, gets into one of the working robots and imprudently engages in a battle with the monster...

Volume #2: The Battle in the Sea of Trees (Eps #6-10)

Cybuster and its pilot, Masaki, are finally captured by Saphine’s dirty tricks. However, while being transported by DC's helicopters above the "Sea of Trees," the unpiloted Cybuster suddenly becomes animated, forcingSaphine to drop the Cybuster to save the helicopters. Unknown to Saphine, Ken is trapped inside of Cybuster and has become its pilot! Unable to communicate, Ken reluctantly fights against the Balcion piloted by his friend Leene and easily scraps the Balcion with Cybuster's destructive powers. Shu, the head of DC, summons professional mercenaries and prepares the new troops and their heavily armed Prescion robots for fierce combat.

Volume #3: The Divine Crusaders (Eps #11-14)

After the arrival of ruthless mercenaries, DC has become a heavily-armed military organization. Meanwhile, Ken and his friends are rushing to build Balcione, the robot that Dr, Frank couldn't complete before his death. When the army of Prescion robots corners Ken and the Cybuster in the Sea of Trees, another Warrior Robot God, Jaifer, emerges bringing with it intense firepower. Surprised by the sudden appearance of Jaifer, Dallas retreats his platoon, but he soon sends his ground unit to Ken's hideout...

Volume #4: Micro-Black-Hole Cannon (Eps #15-18)

Ryuzo's hard work has finally paid off. His reports on the mysterious death of Dr. Frank and the DC's involvement in the series of explosions result in international sanctions against the DC. Now that Shu no longer needs to conceal the true identity of his evil organization, he launches full-scale military campaigns against Ken's rebel group. Granzon, the monstrous transforming robot equipped with the secret lethal weapon, the Micro Black Hole Cannon, is dispatched to Ken's hideout. Can Cybuster save a group of youths with no combat experience from trained killers with super weapons!?

Volume #5: The Dirty Plot (Eps #19-22)

Ryuzo's hard work has finally paid off. His reports on the mysterious death of Dr. Frank and the DC's involvement in the series of explosions result in international sanctions.

Volume #6: The Fury of Cyflash (Eps #23-26)

The destructive forces of Micro Black Hole Cannon are putting the earth in serious danger. Ken and his team mates fly to La Guias once again in order to acquire the fourth and last Warrior Robot God. Shu and the remaining mercenaries try to eliminate the rebellion group all together by using the Micro Black Hole Cannon one last time. Can Ken save the earth before it's too late??

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