Animated Classics of Japanese Literature

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Drama
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: 286 Minutes (5 Volume Pack)
Language: Japanese w/ English Subtitles
Release: Central Park Media

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

Animated Classics of Japanese Literature

Botchan / Student Days

Botchan: Parts 1 & 2 by Soseki Natsume - Botchan, a recent graduate, sets out for his first teaching assignment… never anticipating what awaits him. He must contend with students who spy on him and pull nasty stunts and with a landlord who constantly tries to sell him worthless antiques. While on a fishing trip to boost his spirits, Botchan suspects Hotta, his one friend in the village, as the cause of all of his misery. But this is just beginning of his problems… During a meeting to discuss the students’ disrespectful behavior towards Botchan, the proposed punishment is surprisingly mild despite the severity of the acts. Yet, Botchan’s suspected adversary defends him! Were the other faculty members lying about Hotta? Botchan may soon discover the truth, for when evidence of the dean’s activities surface, Botchan and Hotta must team up to corner the dean in his own scandalous game!

Student Days by Kume Masao - It's exam time and Kenkichi knows he must study hard if he is to be accepted at the prestigious Ichiko School. On the way home, he encounters Sumiko, a flamboyant young woman who accidentally drops a good luck charm. Retrieving it, he's concerned that the incident might bring her bad luck, but she is only delivering to her aunt's brother. Kenkichi studies hard, but is disturbed by his brother's and friend's lack of resolve to study. Meanwhile, he meets Sumiko again and is surprised to learn that he is the intended recipient of the good luck charm. How will the results of the exam be affected by his superstition?

The Harp of Burma / Season of the Sun

The Harp of Burma: Parts 1 & 2 by Michio Takeyama - The end of World War II is approaching. A platoon of Japanese soldiers is struggling through the mountains of Burma when notification of the war's end and of Japan's surrender is received. But high up on Triangle Mountain, where the news is greeted with disbelief, the fighting continues. Captain Inoue sends Private Yasuhiko Mizushima to the mountain to persuade the soldiers to stop fighting and dying in vain. Meanwhile, Captain Inoue's troops are moved to a concentration camp at Mudon and await Mizushima's return. While the Inoue Platoon anxiously counts the days until their release, Mizushima's absence weighs heavily on their minds. As time passes, their worst fears are realized when news of Mizushima's death is received. The news is especially difficult to accept when the soldiers recall their encounter with a strange monk during the first days in the concentration camp - a monk who bore a striking resemblance to Mizushima! Near summer's end, word is received that the platoon will be sent home. As the time nears for departure, thought turn to Mizushima. Could he have possibly survived and still be alive?

Season of the Sun by Ishihara Shintaro - World War II is over and life is carefree once again. Tatsuya Tsugawa belongs to the university sports club where he and his friends spend time boxing, which makes them very popular with the local women. Never at a loss for dates, Tsugawa has one casual relationship after another until he meets Eiko. They soon fall in love, but he remains indifferent. Will he be able to express his love for her before it's too late?

The Sound Of The Waves / Growing Up

The Sound Of The Waves - The Awakening of Spring: In a small fishing village on the island of Utajima, 18-year-old Shinji Kubo works on a tiny fishing boat. Having spent most of his teenage years working as a fisherman, he never completed his schooling. Honest and dedicated, he works hard and prays for the good fortune of the village and his family… and for a good wife some day. Shinji begins to notice Hatsue, the daughter of a wealthy fisherman. The interest is mutual… but it is rumored that Hatsue is destined for an arranged marriage to Yasuo Kawamoto. Shinji, very upset by this news, must find out the truth. Meanwhile, Shinji is the subject of other rumors which evoke a similar response from Hatsue. With misunderstanding abounding, they agree to meet in a private place where Shinji gets an eyeful! The Storm of Summer: With only the darkness of the night to shield them, Shinji and Hatsue face each other across the blazing camp fire. Their encounter threatens to turn intimate when Hatsue confesses that she wants to be his bride. Days later, Yasuo learns of their encounter and assumes the worst. Jealous and feeling betrayed, he tries to take Hatsue by force and then by threat of blackmail. When Hatsue’s father hears of the events, he makes both young men sailors on his fishing vessel and devises a test to determine which man is truly worthy of his daughter.

Growing Up (Takekurabe) by Higuchi Ichiyo - Amongst the small street gangs that inhabit the red light district of Yoshiwara, Shinnyo and Midori were on good terms, that is, until news spread that Shinnyo had joined a rival gang. Midori is the sister of an Oiran and is often teased and called a whore by street rascals. Yet she maintains herself with pride and tries desperately to retain her individuality. Now unfriendly gang members are making trouble for Midori and her friends, and she blames Shinnyo, mistakenly believing that he is behind the trouble. Now faced with the prospect of growing up to be like her sister, she finds the pain unbearable, but what can she do?

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