Trouble Chocolate

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy (Age Rating 13+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: 104 Minutes Per Volume
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Viz Video

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Micro-Grand's resident "B.M.O.C.," Murakata, assembles the members of the Scientific Mission Attack Team to destroy the enormous purple beast ravaging their beloved school. 

Volume #1 (Eps #1-4)

Enter Hinano - she's made of wood for a reason, but will Cacao believe Professor Ganache's explanation? Then, Truffle's the newest kid on the Micro-Grand block, but he's not about to be the new scapegoat. In fact, he's got so much money he can buy himself anything he wants - Hinano's heart.

Volume #2 (Eps #5-8)

Deborah isn't going to let Hinano be the most popular girl in school. Hinano's fascinated by Deborah and Cap'n Murakata's strange need to always touch each other. Hinano and Deborah use the fire in their hearts to destroy the latest enemy. Meanwhile, Hinano's newest hobby takes over Cocoa's house. Truffle tries to woo Hinano with the largest cat he can find, but only succeeds in making more of a mess! When everything is about to become a CATastrophe, will Red Bean and Green Tea be talentless enough to stop it? Then, time for schools' Olympics and first prize is an all-you-can-eat-month long coupon! Will Hinano ever notice Truffle? And finally, there's a new boy in town and he's looking scary. Mozzarella unfroze his strongest soldier to destroy al sorcerers in Micro-Grand Academy. Somehow Cocoa becomes his one and only target!

Volume #3 (Eps #9-12)

Why do pretty girls go in to take a bath and then disappear, leaving behind only painted wooden dolls? Everyone's a suspect as Cacao and Truffle try to solve this one. Does the mysterious new girl at the school have something to do with all of this? Micro-Grand Academy's newest enemy, the evil world-dominating organization J. Joker, just sent over its newest memberóMintóto takeover the campus. Mint's got a sidekick named Crunchybug, who gets along famously with Hinano, but their new friendship is tested when Crunchybug assumes his evil alter-ego. Will Hinano have to hurt her new best friend? And who's that masked man who looks suspiciously like Murakata?

Volume #4 (Eps #13-16)

When a mechanical Deb assembled by Mint is mistaken by everyone at school for the real one, blood runs cold and Deborahís temper runs hot. Itís chaos under the sea as Murakata is transformed into a carp. Green Tea and Red Bean run out of material, and Cacao gets a big dose of chocolate. Almond learns the hard way that nobody loves a destructive personality. Nobody, that is, except for Mister Pencil. Look out, Big Bang. It seems that Papaya, your heartís desire, has a new admirer.

Volume #5 (Eps #17-20)

The final volume!! Meet the wacky gang from Micro-Grand Academy and find out why one summoning from a disgruntled sorcerer and one gluttonous kidís reaction to "C.H.O.C.O." spells nothing but trouble. So maybe substituting hair spray for plutonium wasnít the best idea. Mintís hotly anticipated new ultimate weapon has become a shrinking machine! Then, Hinano formally joined the S.M.A.T., but has Truffle bitten off more than she can chew? Heís in for more fun as he finally summons the nerve to confess his love for Hinano. Witnessing his subsequent abduction, Hinano tries to report the "crime", but if weíve learned anything in this show, itís that where thereís chocolate, thereís trouble. Can Cacao save the day, and Hinano, before she goes back to being a puppet for good?

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