Street Fighter II V on DVD

Genre: Action / Adventure
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: Vol #1-2: 175 Minutes, Vol #3-4: 150 Minutes
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Manga Video

Availability : Discontinued - Limited to Stock on Hand

The always popular Street Fighter II gets it own TV series. Learn more about the origins of Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and the others from the game. Great animation quality with plenty of fighting every episode.

From the sinister back-alleys of Hong Kong to the muddy banks of the Ganges, from Thailand to Spain and across lands unknown, Ken and Ryu track-down the very best fighters in the world seeking the secrets of their power. Take to the streets and watch as legendary warriors collide in this amazing martial arts action series!

Volume #1: Episodes #1-7

Ryu leaves the island of Mikuni to visit his old training partner Ken in America. The two hit the city to celebrate. Ken upsets a group of military men by flirting with one of their girlfriends, and a bar room brawl ensues. When all of the soldiers appear to have been defeated, a mysterious challenger enters. Includes the episodes "The Beginning of a Journey",  "The King of the Air Force", "Landing in Hong Kong",  "Darkness at Kowloon Palace", "Hot Blooded Fei Long", "Appearance of the Secret Technique", and "The Revenge of Ashura".

Volume #2: Episodes #8-14

Ryu and Ken arrive in Thailand. The customs officer checks Ryu's baggage and discovers drugs that one of Ashura's men had planted on him. Ryu is taken to prison and tortured by the sadistic prison chief, Nuchit. Ryu holds back his emotions, feeling that causing problems will only lengthen his stay in prison. Includes the episodes "Trap, Prison, and the Scream of Truth", "The Superstar of Muay Thai", "Dark Omen", "Visitation of the Beast", "The Deadly Phantom face-off",  "The Legend of Hadou Ken", and "The Bloodthirsty Prince".

Volume #3: Episodes #15-21

Vega watches with the crowd as the death match between Ken and Vega (Balrog in the subtitle) begins. Vega (Balrog in the subtitle) learns that the man he is battling against is Ken Masters, heir to the Masters family fortune, and one of the persons who destroyed Ashura. He also learns that Chun Li is the only daughter of Dorai, who works for Interpol. Includes the episodes "Clash of the Titans", "The Unveiled Ruler", "The Despot's Commander", "The Beautiful Assassin", "Special Orders to the Iron Men", "Unknown Explosive Force", and "Compulsion Towards Vengeance".

Volume #4: Episodes #22-29

The two Hadou forces collide and the fortress begins to collapse. The cyber chip dislodges from Ryu and he regains consciousness. Guile must now battle the cyber chip implanted Chun-Li. Shadolaw soldiers attempt to escape the island and everyone except Bison leave in hidden submarines. Ken and Ryu are transported to a strange dimension by Bison. Includes the episodes "Rising Dragon", "The Icy Light of Their Eyes", "Nightmare Reunion", "Fight to the Finish Round 1", "Fight to the Finish Round 2", "Fight to the Finish Round 3", "Fight to the Finish Round 4", and "Fight to the Finish Final Round".

Click to enlargeStreet Fighter II V DVD, Volume #1 (Eps #1-7)

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