Flame of Recca

Genre: Fantasy (Age Rating 13+)
Format: DVD (Region 1)
Length: 100 Minutes Per Volume
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Viz

Availability : Discontinued and Out of Print - Limited to Stock on Hand

Meet Recca Hanabishi.
He’s an average teenager with the not-so-average goal of becoming a ninja. 

Volume #1: A Ninja's Test (Eps #1-4)

After pledging to protect the lovely Yanagi Sakoshita, he meets the mysterious Kagehoshi, who vows to kill Recca unless he summons his hidden power to produce flame. Does Recca have the strength to unleash his flames or will he go up in smoke?

Volume #2: Secrets of the Hokage (Eps #5-8)

Just as Recca is about to learn about the legendary Hokage from Ninja expert Mr. Tatesako, a cocksure kid named Koganei and Mokuren, a maniacal plant expert, interrupt Recca’s tutorial and kidnap Yanagi. With laser-packing statues and possessed puppets attacking him, can Recca teach these mysterious foes a lesson they’ll never forget?

Volume #3: Angel of Fire (Eps #9-12)

With a kidnapped Yanagi on the brain, Recca and his friends must contend with a gauntlet of henchmen whose sole purpose is to seek and destroy. When they finally meet up with Kurei, Recca learns that this is no mere battle of bitter enemies, but a rivalry that spans 400 years.

Volume #4: The 400 Year Old Truth (Eps #13-16)

INow that Kurei's on the backburner, Kagehoshi unveils her true identity and ancient past to Recca. But just as the story of the Hokage unfolds and relations are revealed, Recca and his friends are met by the Three Ravens, a group of mercenaries attacking on behalf of their masked master, Kurei.

Volume #5: The Iron Fist (Eps #17-20)

It’s Tournament time for Recca and the rest of the members of Team Hokage. Down in the depths of the fighting arena, they’ve been matched up against the awesome power of Team Ku, a band of assasins and killers let by the almighty and benevolent Captain Kukai. Do they have a shot against this killer crew or will it be Round One knockout?

Volume #6: The Demon's Face (Eps #21-24)

With Round 1 raging on, Recca takes on Saicho and his formidable Paper Dance, an attack that can extinguish fire and puts rocks and scissors to shame. From there, Recca's pride proves to be his greatest weakness as he gives Team Ku another shot, allowing Captain Kukai to become an invincible demon. Is Recca ready to rumble, or will Kukai turn him into rubble?

Volume #7: Scorching Glance (Eps #25-28)

Now that Koganei has switched sides, Kurei's setting his sights on taking him down for his treasonous acts. First up for revenge is the blood-thirsty Mokuren equipped with the ability to control all plant-like matter. Then Recca meets his match in the cute and cunning Meno, whose hair is just a cut above the rest!

Volume #8: The Invisible Foe (Eps #29-32)

Are you ready for Round Three?! Team Hokage's next opponents are the sexy and dangerous Team Uruha Sound. First up is the Mighty Domon against the beautiful Aki. Will he fall prey to her charms and finally win one for the team? Meanwhile, Recca and Tokiya team up against the deadly duo of Miki and Neon. Can they overcome their differences and beat them before Neon unleashes her secret weapon?

Volume #9: The Stolen Technique (Eps #33-37)

The semifinals are underway and Team Hokage have their work cut out for them against Team Uruha Ma! Recca gets set to take on the insidious Kashamara, whose special powers allow him to use Recca's fire dragons against him. Next up is the quick-footed Fuko, who must use all her strength to take on the awesome power of Gashakura. Can she keep her winning streak alive or will she get sucked into a mysterious void?

Volume #10: The Final Showdown (Eps #38-42)

It's the final round and for Team Hokage, and there's no turning back. First up, Tokiya sets his sights on Kai, the man who killed his sister. Meanwhile, Recca meets a mysterious old man who teaches him a valuable lesson about his fire dragons, preparing him for the final showdown against Kurei that's been burning for 400 years!

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