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Battle Athletes Victory

Genre: Science Fiction / Action / Comedy (Age Rating 13+)
Format: DVD (Region 1 & 4)
Length: Vol #1 & #8 : 85 minutes, Vol #2 - #7 : 65 minutes
Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English Subtitles and English Dubbed
Release: Geneon Entertainment

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Volume #1: Training

These are the midterm challenges for the teenage women attending the Antarctic Training School!

Welcome to the year 4998, where the most important sporting event for humanity has become the athletic competition for the Cosmo Beauty title. Since only three students from each training school may advance to the University Satellite to compete for this title, we find the midterms are complicated by cut-throat competition between the star athletes, and underhanded deviousness the sneaky slackers. However, for our heroine, Akari, the real problem is that she just can't fail quietly! If it wasn't bad enough that the competitions are televised, Akari is also the daughter of the most famous Cosmo Beauty winner ever, Tomoe Mido! When you combine her famous mom with her bad luck, Akari always winds up a focal point in whatever event is going on. Fortunately, good friends and constant practice are a sure remedy for bizarre plots and insane athletic competitions, so there may be hope for her yet!

Volume #2: Doubt & Conflict

Her motherís record setting legacy is a crushing burden, so when Akari is humiliated by Jessie in a race, she folds and resigns from the school. However, Itchan refuses to let her friend give up! Can Akari handle the truth when it is pushed into her face?

Volume #3:  Tragedy & Triumph

Nearly 200 girls attend the athletic prep-school with hopes to attend the University Satellite Sports Academy, but with only a trio of openings, the competition is brutal! Itchan had been training Akari for the final event, the triathlon, but Jessie and Ayla are clear favorites - leaving only one position open! With Itchan gone, Akari flounders and cannot focus on the goal - who will step up to the challenge?!

Volume #4:  Spaceward Ho!

Now, her life gets really strange. Akari's trip into space to train on the University Satellite Sports Academy is interrupted by three hijackers with very odd tactics. Then, she meets her roommate who brought a from the moon, and her coach who can only eat chocolate to survive! Just as she thinks things can't get any worse, she and her teammates discover that they can't seems to win a single match in the competition - will Akari lose so soon?!

Volume #5:  No Looking Back

Akari and her teammates have struggled to win enough events to qualify for the Cosmo Beauty competition, but, fortunately, they are finally coming together as a team. Meanwhile Lahrri, the reigning Cosmo Beauty, crushes Jessie, Akariís old rival, during the competition! Jessieís body can take the punishment, but can her spirit? Not everyone can make it to the next level, so there is no time for regrets!

Volume #6:  Willpower

Lahrri and Mylandah continue to crush their competition by performing at an athletic level beyond anyone else. If Akari and Chris want to compete at all, they must train hard to have strong muscles and an even stronger will!

Volume #7: The Last Dance

Lahrri's mechanized training method gives her a perfectly consistent performance which is quite the opposite of Mylandah's method of unleashing her awesome rage. However, both of them enjoy a comfortable lead over Akari and Chris in the semi-finals. Fortunately, Chris reminds Akari to relax and to try harder, so they renew their efforts. With this new confidence, their skills improve drastically and they experience a resurgence! The winners will face the final event - the 100 meter dash. Who will claim the final crown?

Volume #8: The Human Race

When Akari found her father it was a shock. But the real surprise was the true purpose of the Cosmo Beauty Competition: to hone the athletic skills of the best athletes that humanity has to offer in order to compete against strange and hostile aliens! It's the ultimate contest with the fate of humanity on the line when the Melody Queen sends her genetically engineered champions into the competition for the most precious prize of all - the planet Earth.

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